The Story of Marianna Jewelry®

Marianna (Marion) Kozlowski was a mother of four, grandmother to seven, and friend to all. It is her warrior spirit that shines through the Marianna Jewelry collection.

Her children recall vivid memories of  an overflowing velvet lined jewelry box, centrally placed in the middle of her cherry wood dresser. Marianna’s mix of jewels, from a hipflower power ring to her petite diamond engagement ring, all shared an equal sense of importance. A magical moment occurred with each gentle opening of Mommy's jewelry box, instantly creating a sense of feeling beautiful and believing in dreams of one day becoming a warrior woman just like Marianna.

Founded in May of 2011 by Laura Christine Kozlowski, Marianna’s daughter, the collection is designed to make every women feel beautiful and connected to her world. Each collection is significant and hand crafted by global and local artists. Featured gems, crystals and metals originate from travels to Austria, Bali, India, Italy, Mexico, The Middle East and Spain. Additional pieces are skillfully crafted from artisans across the United States.

Marianna Jewelry® invites you to celebrate yourself at any budget, from the everyday to the one-of-a-kind collectable.

About the Owner - Laura Kozlowski

Laura Kozlowski has been creating and designing unique jewelry pieces for over 15 years. Her first collection was fittingly titled Warrior Women Collection. Many of these pieces were given as gifts to women she met who were growing, healing, and loving, even in the midst of the many obstacles they were facing. 

While studying Business and receiving her Masters Degree in Holistic Health at Georgian Court University, Laura began to understand the healing properties of gemstones and other natural materials. Her love for that childhood magic of her mother’s jewelry, and its place in self acceptance and adornment, combined with Laura’s business driven career to create Marianna Jewelry. 

Laura lives in Florida with her husband Bill.

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